Using the site


This website makes extensive use of a technology called "JavaScript", thus your web browser must have JavaScript enabled if you are to make full use of the site's features.

Browser software normally installs with JavaScript enabled as the default setting. If you have turned off JavaScript, or if your organisation blocks the use of JavaScript, the following elements of the site will not work correctly:

  • Drop-down panels on the home page and on the village details pages will not open.

  • The Google Map on the pages for choosing a county and choosing a site will show blank. The lists of counties or sites can be used instead of the map to select a target.

  • The Google Map on the page giving details of a DMV site will show blank.

When navigating back from a county map display or a village detail page, it is advised that you use the "Back" button or the breadcrumb links at the top of the page. In this way your map settings (zoom level and map centre) for the previous page should be preserved. Using the browser's back button does not always do this.


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Using the site
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